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Excursions for schools

The Iron and Railway Museum of Vallorbe is an ideal place for a school excursion. Situated in the historical part of Les Grandes Forges, a listed and protected site right in the heart of Vallorbe, the Iron and Railway Museum offers a lively and interactive visit.

The working forge, the machines of which are driven by six water-wheels which rotate in the industrial canal, is the heart of the Museum. Added to the collections of objects connected with the history of iron and of the railway are several films which punctuate the visit. The young people can also play at being station master on our scale 0 railway model, which includes about a dozen train compositions running on 277 metres of track.

The Museum provides access to two magnificent picnic places.

To support your school visit, download our on-line teaching material (only on French), which has been designed for pupils from Year 8, in collaboration with the School/Museum partnership.

For the youngest children, a photo rally is available free of charge from Reception. You can also let them discover the marvellous ‘Conte de Donat’ (Donat’s Tale), a Vallorbian legend telling of a blacksmith and a fairy.

There is a reduced price for groups of 12 people or more.

Vallorbe is ideal for an outing, with its four original touristic sites, each completely different from the others, and all easily accessible on foot. Indeed, as well as the Iron and Railway Museum, you will find here:

Caverns of Vallorbe: http://www.grottesdevallorbe.ch/

Juraparc: http://www.juraparc.ch

The Fort of 1939-1945: http://www.pre-giroud.ch

By spending one night at the Auberge pour tous (http://www.aubergepourtous.ch), one can organise, over two days, a programme which is varied, instructive and relaxing.

Information and reservations: Office du Tourisme de Vallorbe, +41 (0)21 843 25 83, contact@vallorbe-tourisme.chreservations online

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