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Exhibitions «The renaissance of Damascus Steel, a tribute to William F. Moran»

Our new temporary exhibition ‘The Renaissance of Damascus Steel, a tribute to W. F. Moran’ will open on 30th August, 2015. Come in numbers to learn all about Damascus steel through the story of W. F. Moran, the exceptionally good American knifemaker who rediscovered Damascus steel, as evidenced by this magnificent dagger made of Damascus steel and ivory, which will be exhibited in the Iron and Railway Museum:

The exhibition traces the history and techniques of Damascus steel and its origins in wootz steel, and shows you some exceptional pieces, both old and contemporary, made from these materials. You will learn the significance of the part played by the Iron Museum in the rediscovery of Damascus steel in Europe in the 1980s when, in 1985, it provided Bill Moran with a course in forging that was the only one of its kind. About twenty smiths ‒ French, Swiss and even American ‒ joined the course, in order to discover the forgotten secrets of Damascus steel. You will see their work dating from that time and from the present, in a unique exhibition that combines the past and the present, history and techniques…

Don’t miss the opening to the public on Sunday, 30th August from 10h to 18h! In the programme: discovery of the exhibition, attractions and distinguished guests...

Information: The Renaissance of Damascus Steel, a tribute to W. F. Moran, from 30.08.2015 until 27.11.2016 at the Iron and Railway Museum in Vallorbe. Prices and opening hours as usual. Opening to the public, with attractions, on Sunday, 30th August.

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