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Festival of the Knifemakers

The annual rendezvous for lovers of handcrafted knives is at Easter, in the Iron and Railway Museum.

The 11th Festival of the Knifemakers will receive 26 Swiss and French knifemakers who are real craftsmen. Their purpose is to exhibit their new models. Come during the Easter weekend, from 26th to 28th March 2016, and discover their creations. You will also be able to enjoy many other attractions (demonstrations at the forge, work in bronze, axe throwing). Our temporary exhibition ‘La renaissance du damas, hommage à W. F. Moran’ (‘The renaissance of Damascus steel, a tribute to W.F. Moran’) will take you back to an extraordinary stage of knife-making, with items that are the stuff of dreams. On-site catering. Prices and opening hours as usual.

List of the exhibitors:

Stéphane Anken (Morges, Suisse) - website
André Baudet (Lausanne, Suisse)
Denys Bourdon (Espeyrac, France) - website 
Anthony Brochier (La Roche de Glun, France) - website 
Sylvain Brunet (Saint-Véran-en-Quéyras, France) - website 
Jean-Marie Corona (Montricher, Suisse) - website 
Jean-Claude Geinoz (Poliez-le-Grand, Suisse) - website 
Michael Graf (Münsingen, Suisse) - website 
Marc Grélat (Asuel, Suisse) - website 
Claude Guinard (Les Charbonnières, Suisse) - website 
Urs Helbling (Portalban, Suisse) - website 
Claude Holweger (Boudevillers, Suisse) - website 
Bruno Joerg (Meilen, Suisse) - website 
Franck Johner (Montricher, Suisse)
Emmanuel Lendemann (Fribourg, Suisse) - website 
Pascal Maillefer (Les Clées, Suisse)
François Morier (Daillens, Suisse)
Yves Moulin (Vollèges, Suisse) - website 
Sylvain Parent (Passy, France)
André Perret (Winterthur, Suisse) - website  
Christophe Raffaelli (Carpentras, France) - website 
Jean-Louis Remy (Les Verrières, Suisse)
Yuri Rindlisbacher (Valleiry, France) - website 
Charles Roulin (Lully, Suisse) - website 
Hans-Peter Ruegg (Losone, Suisse)
David Tellier (France)

11e édition du Festival des couteliers
Festival des couteliers
Festival des couteliers
La Renaissance du Damas
Festival des couteliers
Festival des couteliers

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